The historian tells you what happened.

     The novelist will tell you what it felt like.

                                        -E.L. Doctorow

Alison's Newsletter on Writing & Publishing

Alison Taylor-BrownAcross oceans and centuries, my novels follow characters changed by events as drastic as a plague or as small as a thought. I love history, especially those periods, like the sixteenth century, that changed man’s entire way of thinking. I’ve spent years understanding this era, and my novel Line of Ascent is about a man and a woman caught in history’s grip.

My stories are important, but so are yours. I founded the Village Writing School to teach people how to write their stories in the most engaging way. When I’m speaking at a conference on the power of words or teaching a workshop on subtext, I’m thinking how important some of the stories in that audience may be.

Beyond writing and teaching, I try to be a good person because the greatest act of creation is to fashion a beautiful life.

Why Human is Better

When I started the Village Writing School, people wanted to know why a writing school was needed when you can “learn anything” on the Internet. And my mom asked me every day. “Why don’t you just learn Italian online?” It’s true. You can... read more

Serious Daring

Writers. We’re bold. Risk-takers. Adventure seekers. Never afraid of the knotty problem. And all this without ever leaving our chairs. But for a while I’ve wondered: what would happen if I brought into my real life those same elements? Where would I go—who... read more

Avoiding a Massive Rewrite

In my last article, I talked about hiring an editor. Today, I want to talk about working with an editor on conception rather than after-the-fact editing. When I began to work with my editor, I expected her to cut some history and perhaps rearrange some scenes. But,... read more