The historian tells you what happened.

     The novelist will tell you what it felt like.

                                        -E.L. Doctorow

Alison's Newsletter on Writing & Publishing

Alison Taylor-BrownAcross oceans and centuries, my novels follow characters changed by events as drastic as a plague or as small as a thought. I love history, especially those periods, like the sixteenth century, that changed man’s entire way of thinking. I’ve spent years understanding this era, and my novel Line of Ascent is about a man and a woman caught in history’s grip.

My stories are important, but so are yours. I founded the Village Writing School to teach people how to write their stories in the most engaging way. When I’m speaking at a conference on the power of words or teaching a workshop on subtext, I’m thinking how important some of the stories in that audience may be.

Beyond writing and teaching, I try to be a good person because the greatest act of creation is to fashion a beautiful life.

Avoiding a Massive Rewrite

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How to Find an Editor

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An Editor!

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